​How To Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Your Furniture & Other Household Items

How To Stop Your Puppy Chewing Furniture

When you see your puppy chewing your furniture or your shoes, for example, firmly tell them “NO!” and immediately pick them up and move them to one of their chew toys. Encourage them to play with and chew their toys instead. Praise them profusely, and say in a nice, friendly tone “Good Boy! (Or Girl) That’s a good boy!” and pat them affectionately.

excitement urination in puppiesIf they go to chew or bite your fingers while trying to pat them then say “OW!” in a high pitched voice and immediately move your hand away. This will pique their interest, and then immediately give them their chew toy again to chew on, and repeat the praising process. This may take some time for the puppy to get used to, but after repeating this process a few times, and being consistent – it won’t take long for your puppy to get used to chewing their own toys and nothing else.

If you come home, and your favorite pair of shoes has been ruined by puppy chewing, DO NOT immediately scold your puppy or tell them off. This will only confuse and cause your puppy anxiety, as because you didn’t catch them in the act – they have no idea what you’re talking about!

The only way you can instruct your puppy properly is to be there when it happens. If you cannot be there, don’t allow them to have access to things they can chew, like your furniture or other belongings.

Instead, the first few weeks of owning your puppy there should be an environment for your dog to play, sleep and eat in. This area should be well away from destructible or precious items in your household from being chewed on or destroyed. Keep the area clean of furniture and other household items, and if necessary, border off the area in your house with some barriers or gates.

So when do puppies stop chewing? As your dog matures, the need to chew their chew toys will diminish. Puppies chew regularly because their teeth are developing. Dogs of all ages like to chew their toys. It keeps them entertained, and it is a fantastic way for them to clean their gums and teeth. Find a good, strong chew toy that is of good quality and keep your puppy entertained by switching between different toys.

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